Fantasy Reads: `A Castle of Bone’

This week I’m recommending a story which begins with a pig bursting out of what should be an empty cupboard. It makes for an unforgettable opening page and yet Penelope Farmer’s “A Castle of Bone” is no longer as well known as it should be. When this short book was first published in 1972 it… Continue reading

Fantasy Reads – `The Island of the Mighty’

This week I’m recommending another novel inspired by Celtic mythology. “The Island of the Mighty” is based on one of the ancient Welsh stories from the collection known as “The Mabinogion” (see my post of November 2012). The life-history of its American author, Evangeline Walton (1907-1996), makes her sound like the heroine of a story… Continue reading

Geraldine Pinch