About Geraldine Pinch

geraldine pinch - writer, author, novelist, UK

Geraldine was born in northern England and brought up in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. From an early age she was fascinated by myth and magic and by the civilization of Ancient Egypt. She loved stories and story-telling and wrote her first novel while sitting right at the back of the class during Science lessons. She hated school but loved university. After studying at Cambridge and Oxford she divided her time between teaching Egyptology and writing fiction. She now lives in Gloucestershire with a mathematican, two Norwegian Forest Cats, and six thousand books. Among her favourite things are cats, opera, gardens and Turkish Delight. She always looked forward to becoming a wise old woman but so far has only managed the old part.

As Dr Geraldine Pinch, she has written books on Ancient Egyptian religion, mythology and magic These include `Votive Offerings to Hathor’ (Griffith Institute, University of Oxford) and `Magic in Ancient Egypt (British Museum Press). She has appeared on several TV programmes about Ancient Egypt and was the Egyptological advisor for Lesley Keen’s animated film, `Ra: The Path of the Sun God’.

She has now brought out her first contemporary novel, `The Diary of a Woman Scorned’. This novel was inspired by the experiences of friends and by listening to women who felt that their stories were not being told in the relentlessly postive world of commercial Women’s Fiction.

As Geraldine Harris, she has written five Egyptology books for children and a number of Fantasy novels and short stories. These include `White Cranes Castle’ (Macmillan),`Gods and Pharaohs from Egyptian Mythology’ (Peter Bedrick) and `Isis and Osiris’ (British Museum Press). Her best known work is her `Seven Citadels’ quartet, an epic Fantasy set in the invented world of Zindar. Her Fantasy fiction is inspired by her love for the myths, legends and folktales of many different cultures.

Geraldine Pinch