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Welcome to the website of writer and Egyptologist, Geraldine Pinch. She is the author of numerous books and articles and her work has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and seven European languages but she isn’t as scary as this makes her sound. She also writes fiction and children’s books under the name of Geraldine Harris and is best known for her Fantasy quartet, Seven Citadels, which is currently being developed into a series of films.

On this website you can discover a selection of Geraldine’s books and the details of where to buy them. If you are searching for an out of print title, let her know and she may be able to help.

Many people are intrigued by the dazzling civilization of Ancient Egypt but daunted by its complexity. Geraldine’s Very Short Introduction to Egyptian Myth was written to help and would be a good place to start your journey into the marvels and mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

If you want to try Geraldine’s fiction, begin with Prince of the Godborn, the first of four novels set in the invented world of Zindar. If High Fantasy isn’t your thing, try Geraldine’s new novel The Diary of a Woman Scorned. She wanted to write a story about an older woman which didn’t have the conventional happy ending required in commercial `Women’s Fiction’. The only way to do this was to publish it herself so this website is now the home of her imprint – Chalcedon Books.

For several years Geraldine had a WordPress blog called Fantasy Reads. In a small attempt to make the internet a more positive place, Geraldine only reviewed books which she wanted to recommend.

You can now access these reviews from this website. If you are looking for something new to read during Lockdowns, you will find over 180 recommendations. Happy reading.

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