Fantasy Reads – `Black Ships’

This week I’m recommending a gripping Historical Fantasy based on Virgil’s epic poem, The Aeneid. “Black Ships” by American author, Jo Graham, was first published in 2008 and is still easy to find in paperback or ebook editions. This novel is the first in the `Numinous World’ series, which currently runs to six books, but… Continue reading

Fantasy Reads – `The Cats of Seroster’

Cats are very much on my mind at the moment since I have a litter of young kittens in the house. So this week I’m going to recommend a book by an author who was particularly good at writing about cats – Robert Westall (1929-1993). His Fantasy novel “The Cats of Seroster” was published in… Continue reading

Fantasy Reads – `The Book of the Dead’

Each January I recommend an antidote to the festive season and this year it is `The Book of the Dead’. No, not the collections of funerary texts known as The Egyptian Book of the Dead or the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This `The Book of the Dead’ is an anthology of `original stories of… Continue reading

Fantasy Reads – Reclaiming Isis

This week instead of the usual book recommendation I’m issuing a plea for everyone to remember the original meaning of the word Isis.  When you Google Isis now instead of finding articles about the Egyptian goddess Isis, or the stretch of the river Thames that shares her name, the top listings are all about the… Continue reading

Geraldine Pinch