Seven Citadels: The Seventh Gate

as Geraldine Harris

Seven Citadels: Part Four

Speaking Volumes, Santa Fe


Fantasy quartet, `Seven Citadels’ is set in the exotic world of Zindar. It tells the story of two very different brothers, Kerish and Forollkin, sent on an epic journey to save their country. Lord Forollkin is a formidable warrior but ultimately the success of their quest will depend on Prince Kerish’s powers of insight and persuasion. As they encounter strange new cultures and confront seven immortal sorcerers, the brothers learn to question everything they thought they knew. Danger, death and love will reshape the future they are fighting for.

In the final part of `Seven Citadels’, Kerish and his companions have been captured by the barbarians. After a dark encounter with a living goddess, a ruthless escape plan ends in tragedy. In war-torn Galkis, Kerish and his brother, Forollkin are forced to part so that each can fight for the future in his own way. Disguised as musicians, Kerish and Gidjabolgo travel among the ordinary people of Galkis. Desperate to help them, Kerish continues his quest to save an Empire he no longer believes in. When Kerish and Gidjabolgo find the seventh sorcerer in the Forbidden Jungle of Jenze, startling truths are revealed. Kerish must face the last ordeal alone and discover whether he is prepared to pay the price for the return of the Saviour.

Please note that this is the only English-language edition of `The Seventh Gate’ to include the vital epilogue.

`This series is all that fantasy should be: highly imaginative, amazingly inventive and thoroughly demanding on the reader.’
– Oxford Times

`Invention in a realm of its own…Each of the seven sorcerous kingdoms is more abundant and astonishing than the last. In this crucial dimension, most adult fantasies to be found today look thin and flat by comparison.’
– The Guardian

`Seven Citadels is beyond question a major achievement…It cannot be said too often that this is not a children’s book, however many children may be numbered among those who come under its spell. It is a book for readers who are proved worthy of it, and age has nothing to do with that qualification.’
– The Junior Bookshelf

Geraldine Pinch