Seven Citadels: The Dead Kingdom

as Geraldine Harris

Seven Citadels: Part Three

Speaking Volumes, Santa Fe


Fantasy quartet, `Seven Citadels’, is set in the exotic world of Zindar. It tells the story of two very different brothers, Kerish and Forollkin, sent on an epic journey to save their country. Lord Forollkin is a formidable warrior but ultimately the success of their quest will depend on Prince Kerish’s powers of insight and persuasion. As they encounter strange new cultures and confront seven immortal sorcerers, the brothers learn to question everything they thought they knew. Danger, death and love will reshape the future they are fighting for.

In the third part of `Seven Citadels’, Prince Kerish, his half-brother, Forollkin, his cousin Gwerath and the enigmatic Gidjabolgo have escaped from the nomads and reached the corrupt Queendom of Seld. After battling the terrible creatures which guard the fourth citadel, even worse dangers await Kerish and his companions in the ghostly kingdom of the tormented fifth sorcerer. Far away in Galkis, traitors are plotting to seize the throne and the barbarians have invaded. The quest for the legendary Saviour of Galkis seems more urgent than ever but the eccentric sixth sorcerer makes the travellers rethink their destinies.

`Geraldine Harris’ talent for sketching in the background, beliefs and motivations of various races and peoples is very impressive, and I find it very easy to believe in both her characters, her world and her situations.’
– Fantasy Empire Magazine

`Well characterized, sometimes subtle and always original, the series is an outstanding edition to the canon of high fantasy.’
– The Horn Book

Geraldine Pinch