Seven Citadels: The Children of the Wind

as Geraldine Harris

Seven Citadels: Part Two

Speaking Volumes, Santa Fe


Fantasy quartet, `Seven Citadels’ is set in the exotic world of Zindar. It tells the story of two very different brothers, Kerish and Forollkin, sent on an epic journey to save their country. Lord Forollkin is a formidable warrior but ultimately the success of their quest will depend on Prince Kerish’s powers of insight and persuasion. As they encounter strange new cultures and confront seven immortal sorcerers, the brothers learn to question everything they thought they knew. Danger, death and love will reshape the future they are fighting for.

In the second part of `Seven Citadels’, Prince Kerish and his half-brother, Forollkin continue their search for the keys to the Saviour’s prison. The ugly and acid-tongued Gidjabolgo has his own reasons for joining them on a voyage through perilous swamps to the mountains where an immortal sorceress is said to dwell. Beyond the mountains, the travellers are captured by the nomadic Children of the Wind, the tribe of Kerish’s long dead mother. The brothers are welcomed into the tribe but forbidden to leave. Kerish falls for his cousin, Gwerath, but she is only interested in Forollkin. As the relationship between the brothers reaches breaking-point, Kerish vows to prove himself as a warrior whatever the cost.

`Inventive scenes and graceful dialogue rouse keen expectation of further installments in an intriguing fantasy epic.’
– The Sunday Times

`Harris’s characters are among the most believable in fantasy literature.’
– School Library Journal

`A remarkable, spell-binding, well-told tale.’
– Oxford Times

Geraldine Pinch