Seven Citadels: Prince of the Godborn

as Geraldine Harris

Seven Citadels: Part One

Speaking Volumes, Santa Fe


Fantasy quartet, `Seven Citadels’, is set in the exotic world of Zindar. It tells the story of two very different brothers, Kerish and Forolkin, sent on an epic journey to save their country. Lord Forollkin is a formidable warrior but ultimately the success of their quest will depend on Prince Kerish’s powers of insight and persuasion. As they encounter strange new cultures and confront seven immortal sorcerers, the brothers learn to question everything they thought they knew. Danger, death and love will reshape the future they are fighting for.

In the first part of `Seven Citadels’, Prince Kerish, pampered favourite son of the Emperor of Galkis , and his half-brother, Lord Forollkin, are sent to find seven sorcerers who each hold the key to a gate. Legend says that these seven gates imprison a Saviour who alone can save the embattled Galkian Empire and its Godborn rulers. In the perilous world beyond Galkis, Kerish is forced to depend on his soldier brother. The prince soon discovers something that will make their quest more difficult – if a sorcerer surrenders their key they also lose their immortality. When the first sorcerer he meets turns out to be a benevolent philosopher king and the second an innocent child, Kerish begins to wonder whether the cost of saving Galkis is too high.

`A book of exceptional quality in its genre.’
– The Observer

`Harris gives fresh impetus to a standard plot through dimensional characterizations, well-developed sociopolitical manipulations, and compelling adventure and action.’
– Journal of the American Library Association

`Brilliantly constructed and utterly compelling.’
– Oxford Times

Geraldine Pinch