Late in 2019 I was contacted by American writer and film-maker, Michelle Clay, to ask if the film rights to my `Seven Citadels’ novels were available. I’ve turned down film-right requests in the past, but Michelle was willing to fly from Los Angeles to England just to persuade me that she was the right person to film these novels.

When we met, I was very impressed by Michelle’s passion for the books and by her dedication to film-making so the contract was signed. A strong personal vision is needed to turn a novel into a satisfying film and that is what Michelle brings to the project. As the original author, I feel that it is my role to be quietly supportive and keep out of the way.

Getting films made is never easy and the Pandemic has had a major effect on the whole film industry. Everything has been slowed down but Michelle has managed to complete her script for `Prince of the Godborn’ . She is now working on the script for the second film. I will keep you updated on her progress. One casting suggestion is Tom Holland for Prince Kerish. Let me know if you have other ideas.


  1. This is amazing news, I’d love to see Zindar brought to life as a movie. Gidjabolgo would be a great role for someone to sink their teeth into.

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