Fantasy Reads – Of Bees and Mist

This week I’m recommending `Of Bees and Mist’, a novel by Erick Setiawan which features a character who may be the world’s most sinister mother-in-law.  Some reviewers called this book `an adult fairy tale’ but I would put it on the Magical Realism shelf.  `Of Bees and Mist’ was first published in 2010 and is… Continue reading

Fantasy Reads – The Ghost Stories of M.R.James

This week I’m recommending something suitably scary for Halloween – a collection of old-fashioned but far from cosy ghost stories. When I was student at King’s College, Cambridge it was a privilege to eat in the splendid Gothick hall but there was one portrait hanging in the hall that I didn’t like. If I sat… Continue reading

Geraldine Pinch